COMINT (Communications Intelligence)

The AS3 communications intelligence ( COMINT ) method of QinetiQ (Stands S2-550 and S2-341) is place to acquire airborne as a payload on Thales’s Watchkeeper UAV.

Section of the ASX household of alternatives of QinetiQ was created particularly for little platforms and UAVs. It enables the operator to detect signs from military communications apparatus and locate, identify and listen to the people using them.

Fitted to Watchkeeper, AS3 was made to grow the UAV’s detector footprint and empower it to operate with ground-based methods to find military communications with increased precision. It enables the platform to tackle COMINT assignments that would typically be completed by bigger, more tactical platforms, for example multi-engine small business jets.

AS3’s integration to the Watchkeeper UAV is the culmination of a collectively funded collaborative endeavor between Thales and QinetiQ, with its origins in a contract set by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory. The integration landmark follows a strict programme of technology and security case action, which saw QinetiQ design, test and produce a bespoke staircase to maintain the AS3 payload set up.